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University of Texas - Austin

The University of Texas in Austin is considered an Ivy League level public college.  Founded in 1881, this
university has a long history as a prestigious college with a solid sports program.  The Texas Longhorns
have a football program that is considered one of the best in the nation.  With multiple championships, bowl
games and even 2 Heisman trophy winners, the University of Texas, Austin has created a legacy that makes
Texans proud.

The Austin campus of the University of Texas is located close to the heart of the Texan capitol.  With 50,000
undergraduate and graduate students, the university has the fifth largest enrollment of all United State’s
colleges.  The prestigious university was inducted into the American Association of Universities in 1929.

The Texas Longhorns have a long history, not only for its education programs, but for its dynamic sports
teams.  Today, the Texas Longhorns are a part of the Big 12 Conference.  Since the Big 12 Conference was
founded in 1996, the Longhorns have won 4 NCAA Division 1 national baseball championships, more titles
in both men’s and women’s sports than any other Big 12 school, was home to 130 United States Olympic
medalists.  However, it is the long, successful football performance that marks the University of Texas,
Austin as one of the powerhouses of the United States. RacingBetter

Longhorn Football History

Since its inception in the early nineteenth century, the University of Texas, Austin has proven to have a
successful football program with winning teams throughout the centuries.  As early as 1893 manager,
Albert Lefevra, established a winning football team.  The success continued into the twentieth century.
Clyde Littlefield was both a player and a coach for the Longhorns during the late 1920s through the mid-
1930s.  During the 1930s, Coach Jack Chevigne, who had played football for Notre Dame, led the
Longhorns to victorious seasons.  Other famous coaches throughout the twentieth century include Dana X.
Bible, Blair Cherry, Ed Price, Darrell Royal and Fred Akers.

Since 1924 the Texas Longhorns have played on Joe Jamil Field.  Today the consistently expanding Darrell
K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium is the second largest football venue in Texas.  The stadium currently
seats 100,119 Longhorn fans.

The Texas Longhorns have achieved many prestigious successes over the decades.  The university has
produced 2 Heisman Trophy winners.  129 players have been named All-American, 17 players have been
inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame and 4 graduates who went on to play in the National Football
League have been inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame.  The team has achieved major successes including
32 Conference Championships since 1913, 7 Divisional Championships since the Big 12 Conference was
established in 1996 and 4 Bowl games since 2004.

Longhorn Football Heroes

The University of Texas, Austin has produced 2 Heisman Trophy winners.

Earl Campbell

The phenomenal Earl Campbell played for the Longhorns during the 1970s.  Known as the “Tiger Rose”,
Campbell, a Running Back, established an amazing rushing yards success throughout his college career.
In the 1975 season, Campbell was named the First Team All-American by the AFCA.  Throughout his college
career, he was named the Southwest Conference Running Back of the Year.  In 1977, Campbell won the
prestigious Heisman Trophy.  That year he led the nation with 1744 rushing yards.  Along with only OJ
Simpson and Paul Hornung, Campbell won the Heisman, was the overall 1st draft pick for the NFL and was
inducted into the College and NFL Halls of Fame.  Following graduation, Campbell was drafted by the
Houston Oilers as the number 1 draft pick.  He also played for the New Orleans Saints.  Campbell was
inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1991.  Known for his speed and power, Campbell is
considered the best power back in all of NFL history.

Ricky Williams

Errick Lynne “Ricky” Williams Jr. is known as the “Texas Tornado”.  The Running Back was the second
Longhorn to win the Heisman Trophy.  Williams came to the University of Texas with an athletic scholarship.
During his college career, Williams had 20 NCAA records, and in 1998, he was named the NCAA Division 1-A
career rushing leader with 6,279 yards.  During his college career, Williams also played minor league
baseball with the Philidelphia Phillies.  Of course his biggest college achievement was being named the
winner of the Heisman Trophy.

Following his college career, Williams was drafted by the New Orleans Saints.  Mike Ditka famously traded
all of his draft picks to the Washington Redskins to claim Williams for his team.  After 3 seasons with the
Saints, Williams played for the Miami Dolphins and the Baltimore Ravens.

Bobby Layne

Bobby Layne was one of the best Quarterbacks in the nation during World War II.  Layne was able to play
during his Freshman year because of the shortage of players caused by the war.  He led his team to the
Southwest Conference Championships during his Freshman year.  After spending time serving in the
Merchant Marines, Layne continued his Longhorn career and success for the remainder of his college years.
Considered the best game of his college career, he led the Longhorns in the Cotton Bowl where he
completed 11 of 12 passes, scored 4 touchdowns, helped score 4 extra points kicked and threw for 2 more
scores.  At the start of the 1946 season, the Longhorns were ranked number 1 in the nation.  Layne went
on to play for the Chicago Bears, New York Bulldogs, Detroit Lions and Pittsburg Steelers.

Longhorn Football’s Current Season

The 2015 season proved inconsistent for the Texas Longhorns.  Head Coach Charlie Strong, Offensive
Leaders Shawn Watson and Joe Wickline and Defensive Coordinator Vanse Bradford are the Longhorns’
coaching team.  Unfortunately, the season began with a 38-3 loss to Notre Dame.  Although the Longhorns
won against Oklahoma and Baylor, they lost to Iowa State, Oklahoma State and California.  The Longhorns
suffered a close loss to Texas Tech to complete the season 5-7 leaving the team ineligible for bowl games.

The University of Texas Longhorns has produced many strong football players and has achieved many
successful wins, championships and rankings over 125 year history.  The institution has produced players
who achieved major successes and went on to play successfully in professional football.  The team has
produced 2 Heisman Trophy winners.  Even with ups and downs and inconsistencies, the Texas Longhorns
continue to hold their reign as one of the top Big 12 teams and one of the top teams in the nation.

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