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Watching Football As A Casual Fan

Football is watched by hundreds of thousands of people - not just every day, but every match! Of course, this is the bigger teams, but smaller teams in lower divisions also have a good following, but for some people, finding a way to watch these matches is not easy.

There are several ways you can watch your favourite teams play.

Live, at the match with a season ticket

If you are a season ticket holder with your team, you’ll be able to go and watch almost every match - but of course, this means you’ll need to be free on match days, both for travelling there and back, and also watching the match itself - this also means it’s tricky to keep up with what’s happening in other key matches in your league, unless you have access to the internet via a smart phone or similar.

Live, at the match with a regular ticket

If you don’t go to enough matches to warrant a season ticket, you can of course just buy a ticket for individual matches, but season ticket holders and club members will get priority, so you may not always be able to get hold of a ticket, and if it is an away match, you most certainly won’t manage to get a ticket, as these sell to season ticket holders first, and go very quickly!

Live, on TV

Watching from the comfort of your own home is always a good option, especially if you’re not into the atmosphere at a live match, the noise and general way other fans act isn’t for everyone! However, watching on TV isn’t always that simple - sure, if you support a top flight club then most if not all matches will be televised, but if you follow a club in a lower division, only some of their matches will be on TV, so paying for an expensive subscription which includes sports may not be worthwhile.

Live, via a streaming service

Again, this allows you to watch from home, but it also means that you don’t need to purchase an expensive TV package, and even if your team isn’t playing on your local TV channels, you may be able to watch on foreign channels, this means you can watch matches you would miss with a conventional TV subscription.

Streaming is quick and easy, it can be done on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or of course an android tv box which is actually designed to be a streaming device, and will plug straight into your TV and allow you to watch matches from anywhere worldwide.

On - Demand, catchup style

If you’ve missed your favourite team play, and somehow managed to avoid everyone telling you the score, how many chances were missed, and how there was a DEFINITE penalty which wasn’t given, you can watch matches on-demand after they have been played, whether it’s later the same day, the following day, or even weeks or months later.

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