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American football is one of the oldest sports played in the U.S. and still has held its zeal over a century. It is an exciting game to watch combining baseball camaraderie, basketball swiftness in passing, and the hitting and tackling from rugby. American people have a love affair with football because it brings people together, motivates people to look forward to a good game through relaxation of eating good food and the blood rivalry. There is never a dull moment unless your team is down or up by many points.

American football is one of the most heavily betted sports when it comes to gambling. Services like Profit Accumulator teach you how to bet on College football and guarantee profit from matched betting.  Bookmakers love the betting from the public as they stand to rake in millions of dollars every football season. There are many online sites and magazines that give out information on team match-ups and statistics for fans who like to bet on the games. Sometimes fans enter free contests to win money and others prizes. Free bets are welcomed because fans don’t have to spend money from their accounts. It’s a win-win situation for Advertisers and the site owners too.

Since soccer is the world’s most loved sport, betting on it is furious. Betting on soccer differs from betting on football. Soccer has three potential outcomes. They are the favorite winning the game, the underdog winning the game and the two teams tying by the end of regulation. You can bet the favorite, underdog or the draw. There are no draws in football.

Football match-ups are longer than soccer match-ups as well. Soccer match-ups last 90 minutes. In football, match-ups last 180 minutes. In soccer, the point spread is different since points being awarded are more for football teams. Point spreads rarely exceed 7 points in soccer and usually fall just above .5. In football, point spreads can be as high as 14 points which is two touchdowns. There are rare occasions when two teams might be evenly matched. If this happens, a point spread might be even as would the money line. A touchdown in football is worth 7 points as compared to soccer’s 1 point per goal. There are times in both sports when two teams might fall between being even money. An experienced bettor might bet these teams to come out in a draw.

Point spreads and money lines are nearly similar. Point spreads are harder to win. If you bet your team to win by a point spread margin and it does not happen, you could still lose your money. On the other hand, betting an underdog may have two advantages. The first advantage is the favorite might by heavily betted and it is reflected in the money line. If the game was much closer than anticipated but the favorite won, you could still win if the favorite didn’t cover the spread. The second advantage is if the underdog wins. If the favorite was heavily betted and lost, betting the money line for the underdog would have been a better option.

American football does indeed have roots that come from the British version of soccer. While American football may be popular in America, football is different in Europe, UK and Australia. What Americans call soccer, it is simple called football in other places. Soccer roots in the British Isles started around the 14th century, but it became immensely popular during the spread of British rule throughout all her colonies. It is one of the reasons Indians, Australians, Scottish, Irish and even African nations indulge in it today. It was also instrumental in transcending classes and even races of people. British public schools during the 19th century started to incorporate soccer as part of their physical education. Later, rules, soccer teams and leagues would follow. And the rest would be history.

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