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American football is by far the most popular game in the world. This results in many young kids dreaming of playing professional football when they grow up. These dreams need to be cultivated for them to be fulfilled. One of the best field to cultivate the dreams of spending the rest of one’s life playing professional football is college football. In college, sports is the second most important thing, after the education that is, but it sure is the most fun. Many professional footballers were noticed at the college level and drafted from there. But no matter how great a player is, he needs his team for his greatness to shine and be appreciated.

Best US College Football teams

It is rather complicated to make a list of the top college football teams as some of the star teams withered with time and could not continue their winning streaks. However, there are some teams that have been winning spectacularly for so long that even professional football teams want their secrets to be able to stay on top. Taking into account past victories and recent games, the following teams are the ones that undoubtedly top the US college football teams.

Notre Dame

As early as the 1890s, Notre Dame had started making itself a football reputation by being among the best. Though the average ranking back then was not as developed as it is now, Notre Dame still managed to make sure that it was a powerhouse to be recognized. Up to date, they are still a hub of athleticism that can face down any opponent.


Like Notre Dame, Michigan has been playing football so good for so long that it is always a good surprise to see them play. Their strength in the field, depth of game and toughness ensures that each game that is thrown their way is an art to be admired.


The Tigers may have been hurt by the drafting as they lost a few incredible defenders but that is not to say that they are a team to take lightly. After finishing an astonishing regular season, Clemson still remains a powerhouse of talent and a team to be respected.


Home to the nation’s most energetic offense, Baylor is most assured a spot in the top slots of the Big 12 Conference. The Bears fluidity in the field ensures that their games are a must watch.


Come what may, Alabama will always be there in the contest for the national title. It has so much talent that the team is spread across the board waiting for the ball to come so that they will show the country what they are made of.

Just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the best team is in the heart of the fan. No matter how good a team is, it needs its fans for it to be great. And the fans in return decide which team is great. The mentioned teams may be great, but they are only as great as their fans, and if I did not mention your team, believe me, it is a great team.

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