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Sports Betting in New Jersey may boost the Income

Online sports betting is generally aligned with online gambling and considered illegal as per Federal rules and regulations. However, in some states it is legal such as Nevada; the state, where the world famous Las Vegas casinos are hosted. Well, New Jersey State has some concerns regarding it, however, Atlantic City (is city in New Jersey) is widely famous for legal casino gambling and sports betting. You can see many reputed online casino slots are completely legal in New Jersey such as

Opinion of General Public

As per a survey in 2009, one fact came into light that the citizens of New Jersey are in favor of the legal sports betting in this State. In their opinion, sports betting may encourage the sports events in the region. Since, people are interested in sports betting then why the government is not legalizing it in this State?

Obviously, it will boost the income of State as well as general public since after legalization government can generate tax revenue through sports betting as well.

Shortfall in State Budget

There is a huge shortfall in annual State budget of New Jersey. It is an assumption that sports betting industry has over $600 million annual turnover that makes this industry is highly beneficial. Legalizing the sports betting will attract more visitors to the State and it will bring more profit in the form of tourism and addition monetary benefit of $60 million.

Legalizing Sports Betting in New Jersey

Sports betting are legal in rest of the 4 States but illegal in 45 States. Delaware, Oregon, Nevada and Montana are the States where it is legal. So, if it is permissible in these 4 regions then obviously it can be legalized in other States as well.

The citizens of rest States should have the right to bet on sports and online casinos legally as well, as per Senator Ray Lezniak. Las Vegas is before us and this city is a living case of generating huge revenues through legalized betting on sports.

Scenario of Atlantic City

Talking about Atlantic City where casino gambling is legal in New Jersey, this city is generating good revenue through tourism industry as well but this revenue is not that much if we compare it to the early years of 90s.

At that time, sports betting were too almost permitted in New Jersey due to a clause of Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, 1992. This clause gives States the power to legalize sports betting along with casino gambling. This act was accepted in Senate twice it was disallowed by Assembly Appropriations Committee due to political reasons.

The Debate

The opponents of legalizing the sports betting in New Jersey have two points. First – it may make people addictive of gambling that is not good on moral grounds. Second, it may bring objectionable modification in overall sports scenario.

However, it may be illegal on moral ground but it is true that legalizing sports betting in New Jersey will bring additional revenues to the State as well as it will open an additional source of income for the general public as well.

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