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The Patriots and the Rest of the NFL

It seems like these days, there is never a shortage of things to report on concerning the NFL and that is certainly the case when it comes to discussing the New England Patriots. For a couple of years now, the team has been in the news because of the infamous game where balls were supposedly deflated. The thing is, the debate is still going on and that is not good for the team, the NFL or the fans. The truth is, most individuals are tired of hearing about it. The Patriots have always been a team that has been rather polarizing, and as a direct result, people either love them or hate them. This has done nothing to change that. The people that love them are going to love them no matter what happens and the people that hate them only use this as fuel for the fire to further stoke the flame.

Perhaps many of the individuals who fall into the latter category were really hoping to see the team fall flat on its face without its star quarterback Tom Brady. However, Bill Belichick, the longtime coach of the team, has always had a knack for taking just about anything and turning it into something that he could not only work with, but win with. He has done exactly the same thing, in this case, producing a quarterback that most people had scarcely even heard of before Brady’s suspension. Now, the name Jimmy Garoppolo is something that is practically a household term. The truth is, he has a lot of talent and he is showing everybody that even without Brady, this is a team that is still very much capable of winning.

What does all of this really mean for the team and for its fans? In a couple of weeks, things will be back to normal, as Brady’s suspension will be over. Eventually, all of the chatter about this incident is going to die down and everyone will move on to something else. Through it all, this is a team that is capable of winning against a wide variety of different people that experts have said they could not win against without their star player. It only solidifies the idea that Patriots fans have had for years, that with Belichick at the helm, the team is capable of getting the job done no matter who suits up on game day. The patriots have been placed as favourites to beat the Dolphins this weekend with the Top betting sites in the UK. Best priced at 3/8 with Skybet.

When it comes to NFL football, people are passionate about their teams, to say the least. Perhaps the reason that the Patriots have always been such a polarizing team is because they are so consistently good. The fans love them because they win and the people that hate them also do so because they win. A lot of people will say it is because they cheat or something else but the truth is, they would never be in the news in the first place if they were a team that lost every week. The fact that they go out and get the job done no matter what is thrown at them is exactly what makes them newsworthy in the first place. It is also the very thing that makes an otherwise casual Patriots fan a die-hard supporter. Perhaps more importantly, it is the thing that makes the haters hate them even more.

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