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UH Alma Mater
In green Manoa Valley our Alma Mater Stands,
Where mountain winds and showers refresh her fertile lands;
The flag of freedom beckons above her shining walls,
To larger truth and service our Alma Mater calls.

Hawaii football history



Hawai'i, we have gathered within thy wide-flung doors,
As sons and daughters claiming thy freely offered stores;
Our loyal praise we tender, and pledge to hold thy aim,
Till ocean's far horizons shall hear thy honored name.

UH Fight Song
Here's to our dear Hawaii
Here's to our Green and White
Here's to our Alma Mater
Here's to the team with fight
Rah! Rah! Rah!
Here's to old warriors calling
Here's to old battles won
Here's to Hawaii's victory
Here's to each valiant son.

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