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Fight Song

Hail the Utah Aggies,
We'll play the game with all our might!
See the colors flying,
The Aggie Blue and Fighting White!
How they stir us onward,
we'll win the victory all right,
Hail the Utah Aggies,
We're out to win so fight, fight, fight!
Utah State, Hey! Aggies all the way!
Go Aggies! Go Aggies! Hey, Hey, Hey!"

The Scotsman:  Fable

Utah State football history



A large Cornish Pump with 70 ton flywheel and standing 30 feet tall with a capacity of four million gallons was used to pump water out of the mine. One day as the story goes, the pump stopped working flooding the mine. The mine superintendent called out for a Scotsman in town who could reputedly fix the pump. When the Scotsman arrived he was carrying a large sledgehammer. As the miners watched, he climbed on the pump with the sledgehammer in hand, and studied it for a good five minutes. Then he raised the hammer and whacked a spot on the flywheel. Immediately, the pump resumed working. The Scotsman went home and sent the superintendent a bill for $1000 dollars. The superintendent was stunned. "A thousand dollars for five minutes work ? He told the accountant to send it back and have him itemize his bill" Back came the bill from the Scotsman, itemized.

For hitting the wheel with the hammer......50 cents

For knowing where to hit the wheel......$999.50

The Scotsman:  Song

Show me the Scotsman
who doesn't love the thistle
Show me the Englishman
who doesn't love the rose
Show me the true-blooded
Aggie from Utah
Who doesn't love the spot
(stomp, stomp)
where the sagebrush grows

Alma Mater Hymn

Across the Guad at eventide,
as shadows softly fall,
The tower of Old Main appears and
peace rests over all.
The lighted "A" upon the hill
stands out against the blue;
Oh, Alma Mater, Utah State,
my heart sings out to you.

And through the years as time rolls on,
and student friendships grow,
We'll ne'er forget the joys we had,
those days we used to know.
Thy mem'ries ever will be new,
thy friends be ever true;
Oh, Alma Mater, Utah State,
my heart sings out to you.

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