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Owl Club History
The Owl Club had its beginnings under legendary football coach Jess Neely in the late 1940s. A small but dedicated group of boosters gathered in Fondren Library each week during football season to watch game films. No dues were collected initially, but in 1969 the organization was formalized and Ike Neuman became the first Owl Club president.

When Red Bale was named Rice Athletic Director in 1971, he actively enlisted the support of the Owl Club to raise funds for needed
Rice football historyimprovements to the facilities. With George Miner serving as president, the long-awaited "R" Room in the stadium opened in 1972 to serve as a gathering place for letter winners and for a variety of athletic booster events. In 1974, Rice golf coach John Plumbley took on the additional responsibilities of Executive Director of the Owl Club.

Today, the Owl Club serves as the heart of the athletic booster program. Its members are "The Team Behind the Teams," the critical support system that enables Rice athletes to compete and win at the highest levels of competition. The Owl Club is the primary fund raising organization for Rice University Athletics.


Fight Song

Fight for Rice,
Rice fight on,
Loyal sons arise,
The Blue and Gray for Rice today,
Comes breaking through the skies.
Stand and cheer,
Vict'ry's near,
Sammy leads the way,
Onward go! to crush the foe,
We'll fight for Blue and Gray.

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