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The Boulevard
Gameday at SMU is all day long on The Boulevard. SMU's beautiful Bishop Boulevard is headquarters for fun, entertainment, and tailgaiting. Along The Boulevard you can mingle with family, friends, and neighbors. Bring a picnic, fire up your
SMU football historygrill for a barbeque, or visit the many food vendors stationed along The Boulevard. Enjoy live music from local and regional bands and participate in games for children and adults. You can even rent a tent, invite some guests, and stir up your own fun. Although tailgating is allowed on all SMU surface parking lots, all the gameday action is on The Boulevard.

In 1933, a miniature horse became SMU's first mascot. Named after a popular medicinal tonic with a kick, the mascot became known as Peruna. Since its first year on the Hilltop, Peruna has been a fixture at SMU football games continues that storied tradition still today at Ford Stadium.

SMU Song

O, We see the Varsity, Varsity, Varsity;
As she towers o'er the hill over there,
And our hearts are filled with joy,
Alma mater, We'll be true forever.

Pony Battle Cry
Hail to the red and the blue
We're the Mustangs from SMU
Give a cheer, show your might
Get the victory in sight
for our battle cry will be
Spirits the best in the land
And right to the end we'll stand
For the M-U-S-T-A-N-G-S

GO! Chant
Go, Go, Go Mustangs
Go, Go, Go Mustangs
Go Red! Go Blue!
Go Mustangs, S-M-U!

Call to the Horses

5-4-3-2, Give a cheer
for SMU
Go, 'Stangs, Go!

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