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At the United States Naval Academy, the Midshipmen have to balance the rigorous requirements of education, athletics and basic military training. With Navy athletes competing at the Division I level, the demands of their sports heighten the importance of maintaining solid grades. Navy is one of the few Division I schools in which all Navy football historyathletes must meet stringent academic expectations. This is what makes our Midshipmen such tremendous role models, successfully maintaining that balance between athletics and academics at a highly competitive level.

The Naval Academy Athletic Association works with local schools to expose youth to the Midshipmen, with the hope of providing a lasting impression. Typically, in assembly style, the Midshipmen speak to the students about life at the Academy, the experiences of competing in Division I athletics and what they've learned while at Navy, in addition to answering the multitude of questions that the students have.

The Navy Athletic identity is in a class by itself. On the national stage, it stands with few other programs as pure American treasures. In this era of high fives and end zone gyrations, you can count on good old American enthusiasm with class when the Midshipmen take the playing field or court.

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