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Alma Mater
- by Jimmy Powell and John Young

We thy loyal sons now stand
To sing thy highest praise.
With deepest rev'rence in our hearts
For these our college days.
Thy honor true we all defend
'Tis known we love thee well.
Our thought for years to come will be
Of thee our U of L!

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"Fight! U of L"
- by R.B. Griffin

Fight now for victory and show them
How we sure will win this game
Fight on you Card'nals and prove to them
That we deserve our fame.
Rah, Rah, Rah!
Roll up the score now and beat the foe
So we can give a yell
With a FIGHT! give them all you've got
For we are with you U of L.

"All Hail U of L"
- by Alan Greener

All hail to thee our U of L
As we stand up for her fame.
All hail to thee our U of L
As we fight to win this game.
Sing praises for a victory,
We wish our heroes well.
All hail the Cardinal Spirit.
All hail our U of L!

Cardinal Bird

The University of Louisville's athletic symbol, chosen sometime after 1913, is a Cardinal. The Cardinal bird was chosen to give U of L statewide identification, since the Cardinal is the state bird of Kentucky.

School Colors

The school colors, cardinal red, black and white, were adopted at the suggestion of Mrs. John L. Patterson.

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