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The Panther

The Panther (Felis concolor) was adopted as the University of Pittsburgh's mascot at a meeting of students and alumni in the autumn of 1909. According to George M. P. Baird, '09, who made the suggestion, it was chosen for Pittsburgh football historythe following reasons:
  1. The Panther was the most formidable creature once indigenous to the Pittsburgh region.
  2. It had ancient, heraldic standing as a noble animal.
  3. The happy accident of alliteration.
  4. The close approximation of its hue to the old gold of the University's colors (old gold and blue), hence its easy adaptability in decoration.
  5. The fact that no other college or university then employed it as a symbol.
University of Pittsburgh Alma Mater
Alma mater, wise and glorious
Child of light and bride of truth
Over fate and foe victorious
Dowered with eternal youth.

Crowned with love of son and daughter
Thou shalt conquer as of yore.
Dear old Pittsburgh, Alma Mater
God preserve thee evermore.

Panther Tooth

When Peter Moore, one of the world's foremost talents in sports image, designed the current Panthers logo in the spring of 1997, he said "the new image has been inspired by the people of Pittsburgh and the heritage of the city. A city that is the home of championship teams. Teams that were forged from great talent but more importantly from great efforts. This is Pittsburgh. The home of the University of Pittsburgh Panthers."

Today, the Panther emerges in another form of strength, courage, and determination. As we focus on the Panther, the ferocious eyetooth has become the greatest symbol of this competitive spirit. Traced back to ancient societies, great and successful defenders of those societies were rewarded for their heroics with a meaningful token -- an icon that symbolized their efforts and importance within the society. Added prominently to the Panthers uniform this season will be a symbol to note advanced achievement -- the gleaming tooth of the Panther. Awarded for great deeds, it will also serve to display the strength of this mascot. This emblem will bring honor and glory to those who wear it proudly.

The Pittsburgh Panthers.


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