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The University of South Carolina Athletics Department's Community Service program, "Team Gamecocks," represents a continuing commitment by Gamecock student athletes, coaches and staff to respond with both time and effort to the needs of their local communities. Student athletes actively and directly involve themselves by sharing South Carolina football historyindividual talents and experiences with a variety of audiences throughout the Midlands.

Every year, student athletes from different athletic teams coordinate team projects by taking responsibility to serve as goodwill ambassadors not only for their respective programs, but also for the Athletics Department and the University of South Carolina as a whole. In addition, a number of student athletes elect to perform individual community service hours in a variety of areas. The University of South Carolina Athletics Department is committed to providing volunteer opportunities for student athletes to connect with people in the surrounding community. The greater Columbia community is invited to utilize members of Team Gamecocks to serve as role models and willing volunteers.

A few of the many ways Team Gamecocks have served the Midlands has included reading to local elementary school children, collecting food for the Harvest Hope Food Bank, visiting both hospitalized veterans and children, and interacting with kids in after-school programs. There are ongoing opportunities for Team Gamecocks as well as scheduled events. Student athletes can select service opportunities in which they are most interested.

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