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Dynamite, Dynamite
When Vandy starts to fight
Down the field with blood to yield
If need be, save the shield,
If vict�rys won, when battle�s done
Then Vandy�s name will rise in fame,
But,win or lose, The Fates will choose,
And Vandy�s game will be the same,
Dynamite, Dynamite
When Vandy Starts to Fight!

Alma Mater

On the city�s western border
Reared against the sky
Proudly stands our Alma Mater
As the years roll by.
Forward ever be thy watchword,
Conquer and Prevail.
Hail to thee our Alma Mater,
Vanderbilt, All Hail!
Cherished by the sons and daughters,
Mem�ries sweet shall throng
Round our hearts, O Alma Mater,
As we sing our song.

Why Black & Gold?

Opinions vary as to the reason for selection of black and gold as colors for Vanderbilt�s teams. Some say the original colors were orange and black, given to the university by Judge W.L. Granbery of Princeton. Others credit alums of Princeton with furnishing the colors to the Commodores.

When questioned about the subject in the 1930s, the few remaining members of the school�s first football squad from 1890 did not recall why they suddenly began appearing in black and gold.

Nashville�s Commodores

The name "Commodores" was first applied to Vanderbilt teams by William E. Beard, quarterback on the 1892 football team, when he was a member of the editorial staff of the Nashville Banner in 1897.

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