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Benny Beaver, the school's official mascot, was adopted in 1952. Benny Beaver was introduced to the student body Sept. 18, 1952, in an effort to pick up sagging school spirit.

Prior to Benny Beaver, there were at least three other mascots. The first was a coyote named Jimmie. In 1909 a second
Oregon State Football Historymascot appeared on the scene in the form of Dr. John Bell, a pastor in Corvallis. "Doc Bell" was considered the varsity football squad's mascot because of his steadfast attendance and advising. In 1921 there was an attempt to make a live Beaver, "Bevo" the school mascot, but with little success.

School Colors

Although Oregon State's athletic teams generally wear orange, black and white based uniforms, orange is considered the school's official color.

The nickname for Oregon State University is named after the state animal -- the Beaver.

In the early days of the university, Oregon State's athletic teams were known as the Aggies. When orange uniforms replaced drab sweatshirt-gray and tan jerseys, the teams were referred to as the Orangemen.

In 1916, when the school yearbook was renamed "The Beaver," the name Beaver became associated with the school. It is believed the press also had some influence in changing the name, particularly L. H. Gregory of the Oregonian newspaper.

OSU Fight Song
OSU our hats are off to you
Beavers, Beavers fighters thru and thru
We'll cheer for every man
We'll root for every plan
That's made for OSU

Watch our team go tearin' down the field
Men of iron our strength will never yield
Hail, hail, hail, hail
Hail to old OSU

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