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Watching Football As A Casual Fan

Football is watched by hundreds of thousands of people – not just every day, but every match! Of course, this is the bigger teams, but smaller teams in lower divisions also have a good following, but for some people, finding a way to watch these matches is not easy.

There are several ways you can watch your favourite teams play.

Live, at the match with a season ticket

If you are a season ticket holder with your team, you’ll be able to go and watch almost every match – but of course, this means you’ll need to be free on match days, both for travelling there and back, and also watching the match itself – this also means it’s tricky to keep up with what’s happening in other key matches in your league, unless you have access to the internet via a smart phone or similar.

Live, at the match with a regular ticket

If you don’t go to enough matches to warrant a season ticket, you can of course just buy a ticket for individual matches, but season ticket holders and club members will get priority, so you may not always be able to get hold of a ticket, and if it is an away match, you most certainly won’t manage to get a ticket, as these sell to season ticket holders first, and go very quickly!

Live, on TV

Watching from the comfort of your own home is always a good option, especially if you’re not into the atmosphere at a live match, the noise and general way other fans act isn’t for everyone! However, watching on TV isn’t always that simple – sure, if you support a top flight club then most if not all matches will be televised, but if you follow a club in a lower division, only some of their matches will be on TV, so paying for an expensive subscription which includes sports may not be worthwhile.

Live, via a streaming service

Again, this allows you to watch from home, but it also means that you don’t need to purchase an expensive TV package, and even if your team isn’t playing on your local TV channels, you may be able to watch on foreign channels, this means you can watch matches you would miss with a conventional TV subscription.

Streaming is quick and easy, it can be done on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or of course an android tv box which is actually designed to be a streaming device, and will plug straight into your TV and allow you to watch matches from anywhere worldwide.

On – Demand, catchup style

If you’ve missed your favourite team play, and somehow managed to avoid everyone telling you the score, how many chances were missed, and how there was a DEFINITE penalty which wasn’t given, you can watch matches on-demand after they have been played, whether it’s later the same day, the following day, or even weeks or months later.

Sports Betting in New Jersey may boost the Income

Online sports betting is generally aligned with online gambling and considered illegal as per Federal rules and regulations. However, in some states it is legal such as Nevada; the state, where the world famous Las Vegas casinos are hosted. Well, New Jersey State has some concerns regarding it, however, Atlantic City (is city in New Jersey) is widely famous for legal casino gambling and sports betting. You can see many reputed online casino slots are completely legal in New Jersey such as

Opinion of General Public

As per a survey in 2009, one fact came into light that the citizens of New Jersey are in favor of the legal sports betting in this State. In their opinion, sports betting may encourage the sports events in the region. Since, people are interested in sports betting then why the government is not legalizing it in this State?

Obviously, it will boost the income of State as well as general public since after legalization government can generate tax revenue through sports betting as well.

Shortfall in State Budget

There is a huge shortfall in annual State budget of New Jersey. It is an assumption that sports betting industry has over $600 million annual turnover that makes this industry is highly beneficial. Legalizing the sports betting will attract more visitors to the State and it will bring more profit in the form of tourism and addition monetary benefit of $60 million.

Legalizing Sports Betting in New Jersey

Sports betting are legal in rest of the 4 States but illegal in 45 States. Delaware, Oregon, Nevada and Montana are the States where it is legal. So, if it is permissible in these 4 regions then obviously it can be legalized in other States as well.

The citizens of rest States should have the right to bet on sports and online casinos legally as well, as per Senator Ray Lezniak. Las Vegas is before us and this city is a living case of generating huge revenues through legalized betting on sports.

Scenario of Atlantic City

Talking about Atlantic City where casino gambling is legal in New Jersey, this city is generating good revenue through tourism industry as well but this revenue is not that much if we compare it to the early years of 90s.

At that time, sports betting were too almost permitted in New Jersey due to a clause of Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, 1992. This clause gives States the power to legalize sports betting along with casino gambling. This act was accepted in Senate twice it was disallowed by Assembly Appropriations Committee due to political reasons.

The Debate

The opponents of legalizing the sports betting in New Jersey have two points. First – it may make people addictive of gambling that is not good on moral grounds. Second, it may bring objectionable modification in overall sports scenario.

However, it may be illegal on moral ground but it is true that legalizing sports betting in New Jersey will bring additional revenues to the State as well as it will open an additional source of income for the general public as well.

Bet On College Football And Guarantee Profit With Matched Betting

American football is one of the oldest sports played in the U.S. and still has held its zeal over a century. It is an exciting game to watch combining baseball camaraderie, basketball swiftness in passing, and the hitting and tackling from rugby. American people have a love affair with football because it brings people together, motivates people to look forward to a good game through relaxation of eating good food and the blood rivalry. There is never a dull moment unless your team is down or up by many points.

American football is one of the most heavily betted sports when it comes to gambling. Services like Profit Accumulator teach you how to bet on College football and guarantee profit from matched betting.  Bookmakers love the betting from the public as they stand to rake in millions of dollars every football season. There are many online sites and magazines that give out information on team match-ups and statistics for fans who like to bet on the games. Sometimes fans enter free contests to win money and others prizes. Free bets are welcomed because fans don’t have to spend money from their accounts. It’s a win-win situation for Advertisers and the site owners too.

Since soccer is the world’s most loved sport, betting on it is furious. Betting on soccer differs from betting on football. Soccer has three potential outcomes. They are the favorite winning the game, the underdog winning the game and the two teams tying by the end of regulation. You can bet the favorite, underdog or the draw. There are no draws in football.

Football match-ups are longer than soccer match-ups as well. Soccer match-ups last 90 minutes. In football, match-ups last 180 minutes. In soccer, the point spread is different since points being awarded are more for football teams. Point spreads rarely exceed 7 points in soccer and usually fall just above .5. In football, point spreads can be as high as 14 points which is two touchdowns. There are rare occasions when two teams might be evenly matched. If this happens, a point spread might be even as would the money line. A touchdown in football is worth 7 points as compared to soccer’s 1 point per goal. There are times in both sports when two teams might fall between being even money. An experienced bettor might bet these teams to come out in a draw.

Point spreads and money lines are nearly similar. Point spreads are harder to win. If you bet your team to win by a point spread margin and it does not happen, you could still lose your money. On the other hand, betting an underdog may have two advantages. The first advantage is the favorite might by heavily betted and it is reflected in the money line. If the game was much closer than anticipated but the favorite won, you could still win if the favorite didn’t cover the spread. The second advantage is if the underdog wins. If the favorite was heavily betted and lost, betting the money line for the underdog would have been a better option.

American football does indeed have roots that come from the British version of soccer. While American football may be popular in America, football is different in Europe, UK and Australia. What Americans call soccer, it is simple called football in other places. Soccer roots in the British Isles started around the 14th century, but it became immensely popular during the spread of British rule throughout all her colonies. It is one of the reasons Indians, Australians, Scottish, Irish and even African nations indulge in it today. It was also instrumental in transcending classes and even races of people. British public schools during the 19th century started to incorporate soccer as part of their physical education. Later, rules, soccer teams and leagues would follow. And the rest would be history.

The Biggest Lottery Wins Of All Time

Many of us dream of winning the lottery and may wonder what we would do with a few million to be able to spend. However, some people have been lucky enough to win so much money that you cannot even comprehend how you would begin to spend that amount. Some of the biggest lottery wins in history are listed below:

13th January 2016

The biggest lottery win in history came on this date when the jackpot of the Powerball lottery in the United States reached a staggering $1.6 billion. The prize was shared between three tickets which were purchased in California, Florida and Tennessee. The winners were able to choose whether to receive their prize as a cash lump sum, or to receive 30 annual payments which is made up of the balance and the interest that has accumulated on it over the years.

18th May 2013

The biggest lottery jackpot that was won by a single ticket was won on this date by Gloria MacKenzie of Florida. She won on a quick pick ticket after someone had let her in front of them in the queue to buy this ticket. Her total prize was a little over $590 million. She claimed the lump sum prize as at 84 years old she claimed she did not see the point of having payments for the next thirty years. This jackpot was also on the Powerball lottery.

Few other lotteries around the world reach the jackpots that players in the United States get to experience. This is simply because there are more people living in the United States than any other country in the world and therefore more tickets are sold. Other lotteries put a cap on their jackpots which mean that once they reach a certain level the prize money is shared between the other prize tiers. The two biggest lotteries in the United States – Powerball and Mega Millions – do not have this cap and the jackpot will just keep growing until it is won.

That being said there are examples of large jackpot wins elsewhere in the world, particularly in Europe and some of these are listed below.

Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad

The jackpot in this lottery in Spain reached€720 million in 2012 but the way that this lottery works means that players do not actually get a large payout. Each ticket has a five digit number and these numbers are sold in several different series. For this jackpot there were 180 different series sold which meant that when the number was drawn there were 180 winners who all won€4 million each.


This lottery is ran in a number of different countries in Europe and the prize money from all ticket sales is combined to make the prize fund. Jackpots of€190 million have been won on three separate occasions in this lottery and they have all been won by single ticket holders. Two of these winners lived in the UK and the third was from Portugal. In the UK you can buy online lottery tickets which makes it a simple process. One winner from the UK will become a millionaire in every draw of this lottery.

The Patriots and the Rest of the NFL

It seems like these days, there is never a shortage of things to report on concerning the NFL and that is certainly the case when it comes to discussing the New England Patriots. For a couple of years now, the team has been in the news because of the infamous game where balls were supposedly deflated. The thing is, the debate is still going on and that is not good for the team, the NFL or the fans. The truth is, most individuals are tired of hearing about it. The Patriots have always been a team that has been rather polarizing, and as a direct result, people either love them or hate them. This has done nothing to change that. The people that love them are going to love them no matter what happens and the people that hate them only use this as fuel for the fire to further stoke the flame.

Perhaps many of the individuals who fall into the latter category were really hoping to see the team fall flat on its face without its star quarterback Tom Brady. However, Bill Belichick, the longtime coach of the team, has always had a knack for taking just about anything and turning it into something that he could not only work with, but win with. He has done exactly the same thing, in this case, producing a quarterback that most people had scarcely even heard of before Brady’s suspension. Now, the name Jimmy Garoppolo is something that is practically a household term. The truth is, he has a lot of talent and he is showing everybody that even without Brady, this is a team that is still very much capable of winning.

What does all of this really mean for the team and for its fans? In a couple of weeks, things will be back to normal, as Brady’s suspension will be over. Eventually, all of the chatter about this incident is going to die down and everyone will move on to something else. Through it all, this is a team that is capable of winning against a wide variety of different people that experts have said they could not win against without their star player. It only solidifies the idea that Patriots fans have had for years, that with Belichick at the helm, the team is capable of getting the job done no matter who suits up on game day. The patriots have been placed as favourites to beat the Dolphins this weekend with the Top betting sites in the UK. Best priced at 3/8 with Skybet.

When it comes to NFL football, people are passionate about their teams, to say the least. Perhaps the reason that the Patriots have always been such a polarizing team is because they are so consistently good. The fans love them because they win and the people that hate them also do so because they win. A lot of people will say it is because they cheat or something else but the truth is, they would never be in the news in the first place if they were a team that lost every week. The fact that they go out and get the job done no matter what is thrown at them is exactly what makes them newsworthy in the first place. It is also the very thing that makes an otherwise casual Patriots fan a die-hard supporter. Perhaps more importantly, it is the thing that makes the haters hate them even more.

How We Went From BlackBerry Messenger To A Whole New World Of Gaming Apps

People all have their preferred devices when it comes to playing mobile games of all kinds. The debates about Android phones versus iPhones and other types of smartphones are still raging on, and a lot of different people will have their own justifications for why certain phone models are better than others. However, one of the most important parts of this debate is the simple fact that at least people can really choose their devices for themselves. They are not going to have to choose one mobile device over another due to considerations like whether or not a given device is going to allow them to play certain apps or games (especially Pokemon!) that they want. Regardless of brand and OS, in general you can get the games and functionality that you need these days with any half decent cell.

The widespread device compatibility advantage is just one of the many reasons why people are going to be able to enjoy this new era of mobile gaming without any additional hassle for themselves. They can easily go between their different mobile devices in order to get the experience that they want, and they will usually be able to download the different casino apps onto any of their devices – like their iphone/ipad or their nexus and HTC. These apps have been designed to work with a wide range of different mobile devices. Some of them are even compatible with the Blackberry devices of the 2000’s. Some people still like the physical buttons that made Blackberrys so popular among teenagers (along with their $15/month contracts!).

Smarthphone technology

For those on the lookout for gaming, poker or casino apps, they don’t always show up in Google Play or in the App Store. Depending on local laws and parental controls, it’s often best to google for a From there, you can download the better apps, and you should be on your way towards enjoying the casino highs in any location all around the world. Some of the casino games available on the main desktop website will also be available on the mobile-site. There is a great deal of overlap, but it will not be one-to-one in most cases. Still, people should be able to play all of the most popular online casino slot games and versions of roulette, blackjack, keno, bingo, scratch card games, and poker.

The news involving mobile casinos and online casinos in general usually just serves to demonstrate the size of the field and the fact that it is expanding all the time. There are all these new competitions for people to enter, allowing them to be able to win jackpots that are even larger than what people would have imagined years ago. Bitcoin is now becoming the standard currency when it comes to online casino gaming, which is making it possible for people to be able to gamble more internationally. New online gaming markets are emerging all the time. Smartphone development made it all possible.

The Rise and Potential Fall of New Online Casinos

There are so many popular and established online casinos today like that it might seem as if the market is full. However, plenty of new online casinos are still arriving on the scene. Since online gaming has exploded in popularity since the beginning of the 2010’s, the online casino gaming niche has only gotten larger and more powerful. There has been a clear case of market expansion, which should allow for more successful businesses to appear on the scene. However, it remains to be seen whether or not these new online casinos are going to be able to compete with the most established online casinos that have been around for ten to twenty years in some cases, like the Royal Vegas Online casino.

Vive La Suerte is an example of an online casino that probably isn’t going to make it, although it might be too early to speculate about its future at this point. It was added on August fourth, so there is still a chance for it. However, one of the main advantages almost all online casinos have over their physical counterparts is the fact that they offer such substantial welcome bonuses. Online casinos are usually going to specifically advertise themselves on the basis of their welcome bonuses.

The creators of Vive La Suerte are either unaware of this or they are unable to comply with the industry standard, since they are only offering five euros free with no deposit. People can usually get time times that on the typical online casino gaming websites as a minimum, and few people are going to try online casinos that offer such minimal incentives. The NetEnt software that Vive La Suerte offers is probably high-quality, but it is possible that no one is going to be around to find out in the first place.

As a point of contrast, the Joe Fortune Casino offers a welcome bonus of two hundred percent up to one thousand Australian dollars. Catering to the Australian market already makes sense, given that this is a culture in which eighty percent of adults engage in some form of gambling. However, this is a welcome bonus that will not go unnoticed and that is going to make the Joe Fortune Casino competitive among all of the established sites. While the title of the casino is unimpressive, people might prefer titles for casinos that are easier to spell and to type for the English speakers of the world. The Joe Fortune Casino is also powered by Microgaming, one of the oldest and most established of the casino gaming software providers. Players will be able to access all of the best new Microgaming games through this website, and Microgaming releases new games every month.

These two online casinos manage to serve as reminders of the minimum requirements for launching successful online casinos in the modern world. High welcome bonuses are essential. The right casino gaming software provider can make a difference. The competition has been there for a long time, and people need to work hard to get ahead in this marketplace.

Staying Safe When Using Sports Betting Sites & Their Casino Apps

Divulging critical information about you online such as personal identity can be potentially dangerous as has been witnessed by many around the world. You know what casino and internet banking are two such things which are worst affected by online frauds. Both playing at an online casino and accessing to your bank account there can potentially leave important clues on the money trail. Hackers usually track down such information and fraudulently swindle away your hard earned money. As such, the top NetEnt casinos (that you visit) must have additional securities in place for keeping the personal data of the individuals secret.

How you can benefit with a Mobile Casino?

The good news is that with the introduction of the state-of-the-art technologies like encryption both online transaction and casino have become safer haven compared to the earlier days. Still, you in the shoes of an individual online casino player must follow the following steps for safeguarding yourself against the threats.

  1. Play within the secured environment: While playing casino on your mobile make sure that your device is equipped with the latest software including the up to date version of the antivirus package. This will help you eliminate threats to a great extent.
  2. Check the casino site: Before registering with a casino site you must check the site’s license and whether they have encryption or not. The easiest way to find encryption is to look for the padlock in green color on the left side of the browsing URL.
  3. Don’t divulge too much information: You must refrain from divulging every information online that may have been asked for. Instead you should provide those which are mandatory for registering and playing the game. This way you can save some degree of secrecy for you from the vagaries of online threats.
  4. Avoid sharing information by way of questions: You may meet with some friends over the virtual world while playing casino online. Because, there are a lot many people like you who too play casino regularly. The potential danger here is that there may be some potential fraudsters among them. Play safe and never disclose any information about you through occasional/casual questions.
  5. Play safe: Playing on casino sites which have additional layers of security is safe and secured. Because, these sites provide a buffer between the player and the financial transactions.


Your money matters most to you. You must therefore take every precaution and care for safeguarding it over the net.

What’s Best for You?

What is best for you depends on not only the variety of factors mentioned above but also on whether you can control your gambling habits effectively.

The best mobile casino will be one that accommodates you fully. This can only be quantified if you experience both of these choices and decide which one you like the most. Of course, you will have to make a few investments here and there, but they are all worth it in the end.

What has your experience taught you about online casinos?

Football in the University of Alabama

The University of Alabama is in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. It was established in 1820 and is the oldest and biggest public university in Alabama. The only openly supported law school is also in this. There are also academic doctoral programs that are unavailable in any other place in Alabama. Some of them are metallurgical engineering, social work, communication and information services, and music, anthropology and Romance languages. Being among the first public universities to be founded, the university has left a broad cultural imprint on the region, state and nation over the centuries.

Football in the University of Alabama


The varsity football team, known as the Crimson Tide was inaugurated in 1892. The program is ranked among the 10 most successful ones in the history of the US. The Crimson Tide has won 16 national championships and 25 SEC titles. The varsity program has put together 31 10- win seasons and 59 bowl appearances and won all of them. The football program has also had 18 people inducted into the hall of fame, 2 winners of the Heisman trophy and 97 All-Americans recognized 105 times.

Where Does the Football Team Play?

The current home for the Crimson Tide is the Bryant-Denny Stadium. The stadium is on the campus. It was opened in 1929 and has a capacity of approximately 12,000.  The Bryant-Denny stadium is ranked as the 10th largest non-racing one globally and the seventh largest in the U.S. The latest addition to the stadium, an upper deck added to the south zone, was finished in 2010. Crimson Tide has also played several games in the Legion Field that is in Birmingham.

Key Graduates

With a legacy that goes all the way back to the initial days of college football, the Crimson Tide have fielded star players for over a century. There are several people who have gone through the University of Alabama and left a mark by playing for the Crimson Tide. Here are some of them.

Mark Ingram

He became the first Heisman Trophy winner from the Varsity football program in December 12th 2009. Mark Ingram won the trophy after edging out Toby Gerhart from Stanford in the closest rest ever by just 28 points.

Derrick Henry

Derrick became the second football player after Mark Ingram to win the Heisman trophy winner in December 12th 2015.

Ryan Kelly

The player won the Rimington Trophy branding him the best Center in the nation.

Bobby Gene Humphrey

During his four seasons he played for the Crimson Tide, Bobby made a school record by rushing for 3240 yards. He also scored 40 touchdowns and caught 60 passes for 523 yards. In 1986 and the subsequent year, Bobby was also able to make the College Football All-American team. He was also voted as the most offensive player of the year in 1987 and finished 10th in the balloting for the Heisman Trophy.

Woodrow Lowe

He became the only one of two Alabama players who was named in All- American thrice. He was named in from 1973-1975.  While still in Alabama, Lowe also played on one national championship team and on four SEC championships. He is also the record holder for the most tackles in one season. In 1973, as a sophomore he had 134 stops.

Jarret Johnson

He is among the best defenders in the history of the Varsity team. He was a machine when it came to racking up tackles for loss and sacks.

Terrence Cody

During his time at the Crimson Tide, Cody earned the nickname Mount Cody by playing in the middle in the team’s defensive line. Together with the rest of the defensive team, Cody held the Tigers to zero net rushing yards.

Eddie Lacy

Famous for his lethal spin move, Lacy earned the nickname circle button that came from the circle button on the controller in a Playstation. He was quite instrumental in the 2011 and 2012 seasons.

Amari Cooper

He is also another graduate who left a mark in the University of Alabama. He was the winner of the Biletnikoff Award as the top receiver of the nation and an undisputed All-American in 2014. Cooper was also a Heisman Trophy finalist, finishing third.

Current Season/Success

The 2015 Alabama Varsity team is was coached by Nick Saban. The team ended the regular season 11-1 with their sole loss being to Ole Miss by 43-37. The Crimson Tide won the SEC Western Division title with a 7-1 record and defeated their rivals Tennessee and LSU along the way. They later on defeated Florida in the SEC championship by 29-15.
The Crimson Tide went back to the playoff for the second season consecutively. In 2014, the team fell short during the semi- finals when playing against Ohio State. They then held the Michigan State Spartans on a 38-0 win in the Cotton Bowl to make it to the Championship Game. The team beat the Clemson Tigers by 45-40 and became the winners of the 2015 FBS national championship. Derrick Henry’s 158 yards run and 3 touchdowns gave the coach, Nick Saban, his fifth national title inclusive of four in the previous seven seasons.

College Football History – Ohio State University

It is also known as OSU is a public university located in Columbus, Ohio. It began with a focus on teaching students in different mechanical and agricultural disciplines but later developed into a wide-range college. The change was directed by Governor Rutherford B. Hayes, and eight years later the General Assembly approved a law to modify the name to The Ohio State University. The university is the third largest campus in the United States.
OSU is one of America’s biggest and broad academic institutes. It is Ohio’s finest and one of America’s top-20 public universities.

Football in Ohio State University


Usually, sports are a big part of campus life. The Ohio State Buckeyes is a football team that competes as part of the NCAA Division 1 Football Bowl. They represent OSU in the East Division of the Big Ten Conference.
They are well known by the NCAA because of winning national championships, with thirty-seven conferences and four division championships. They are also recognized for going ten seasons undefeated and six perfect seasons with no ties or losses. Get the latest odds with Netbet and a bonus on Ohio to win the ACAA.
In 1890 Alexander S. Lilley and George Cole introduced football to the university. The Buckeyes did win two conference championships while still members of the Ohio Athletic Conference and later became members of the Big Ten conference in 1912.
Under head coach Paul Brown, Ohio State University won their first national championship. Ohio State hired Jim Tressel as head coach and led them to their seventh national championship.

Key Graduates

De Joey Bosa

He was an undisputed All-American after a sophomore season in which he led the Big Ten in shrugs, quarterback sacks, and tackles-for-loss. He was the defensive player of the year and defensive lineman of the year in Big Ten. Bosa was a finalist for in three major national awards which were the Bednarik Award, Hendricks Award, and the Lombardi Award.

Dt Michael Bennett

Michael Bennet was a first-team All-American by and a team captain. He took charge on the field and in the locker room and ended his career with eighteen-quarter sacks, one hundred and eleven career tackles, and thirty-one tackles-for-loss.

Cb Doran Grant

A team captain, he was as tough as he was exceptional on the field, playing in all fifty-four over the last four years including thirty consecutive starting assignments in 2013 and 2014.

Rb Ezekiel Elliott

He played a huge part in Ohio State’s incredible and stunning run to the national championship game. Elliot set five bowl and game school records and also was given the offensive MVP honors. It was during the Allstate Sugar Bowl championships.

Qb Braxton Miller

Miller led the Ohio State Buckeyes to twenty-four wins in Urban Meyer’s first two seasons as coach. He is a two-time Big Ten Conference Silver Football Award winner, Quarterback of the year, and offensive player of the year. He led OSU to the verge of the College Football playoffs before getting injured against the Buckeyes bitter rivals from the North, which ended his season.

Qb Cardale Jones

Without even starting a game, Cardale calmly directed Ohio State to three of the Buckeyes greatest wins in school history. He announced that he would return for his junior season to Ohio State instead of going pro because getting his degree was important.

Archie Griffin

The tailback became the fifth junior to win the Heisman Trophy. He was the first player to win a second Heisman in 1975, and he is still the only player to have won it twice. Archie Griffin is now the president of the Ohio State Alumni Association was chosen to the National High school Hall of Fame. After graduation, he became a first-round draft pick of the Cincinnati Bengals. Archie Griffin played eight years of pro-football before rejoining Columbus and becoming a staff at Ohio State.

Howard “Hopalong” Cassady 1

It did not take Ohio State fans long to know why Howard was someone special. During his first game, the season opener game against Indiana in 1952, the freshman came off the bench to lead Buckeyes. After that game, he became a regular starter in the Ohio State lineup. During the 1954 season, Howard won the All-America honors and aided the Buckeyes to a perfect 10-0 record. He again won the All-American acclaim in 1955. At the end of that season, Cassady won the Heisman Trophy and was recognized by the Associated Press as the 1955 Athlete of the year.
Cassady also played baseball while still at Ohio State University and is a member of OSU Athletics, Columbus Baseball, and College Football halls of fame.

Current Season/ Success

Throughout to the 2015 season, OSU has submitted an official record of eight hundred and seventy-five wins, three hundred and twenty losses, and fifty-three ties. They have also made an appearance in forty-seven bowl games with the most recent coming in 2016.